Mostly Android (but also more)

by smaspe

More bipartite graphs

CodeFights company bots like puzzles

Publishing for Java (and Android)

Because an example is better than a long description

Publish an open-source library

Because everyone should be writing open-source libraries if they have the opportunity

Functional Iterables

Higer-order functions library for Java 7

The Top 5 things I dislike about Java

5 issues I think could be addressed in Java.

Quick note on Functional Programming

Functional Programming is nice.

This, Jekyll and Github pages!

What is this?

JSON to ListView

Where the author goes on a journey to bring the JSON data into the grand ListView

First steps with LibGDX

Designing a board game using LibGDX

Storage is simple – Part 1, SQL

A quick take on how to design a very small storage library

An extension to Volley

Extending Volley for fun and profit

Login Activity workflow

My take on what a login flow could be on Android

Download a File

Quick one-liner to fetch a file in Java/Android

A Volley introduction - Part 2

More advanced use of Volley

String.format and Arabic numbers

Avoid a simple localization mistake by explicitly using a Locale

A Volley introduction - Part 1

Simple tasks using the Volley library

Map to ContentValues (Abusing Parcelable)

Easily insert generic data in SQLite

Cat versus Dogs!

Spotify likes puzzles